OSMO highlight the benefits of Scalp Facials

Professional hair brand OSMO has introduced a Scalp Facial treatment to remove the build-up of hair product, sebum and environmental pollution.

The new OSMO Scalp Therapy regime is a three-art treatment. Firstly, OSMO Purifying Scalp Scrub is applied to cleanse the scalp. Sea salt exfoliates to remove excess product and dirt whilst also stimulating blood circulation for healthy scalp skin. This is followed by an application of a Detangling Gel, a gentle and lightweight product formulated with sea minerals to rebalance the scalp whilst strengthening and hydrating hair fibres.

Finally, a Replenishing Mask is applied to the scalp and hair, which features Prickly Pear Oil, an antioxidant that moisturises even the most damaged hair.

As well as a professional salon treatment, products can be retailed for clients to maintain good scalp care at home. In addition, OSMO Scalp Therapy Detoxifying Shampoo is a useful product to recommend to break down product and leave hair squeaky clean.

Commenting on the OSMO Scalp Therapy treatment, Kelly Shone-Adams, OSMO Technical Advisor, says:

“A scalp facial is specific treatment performed on the scalp to remove build-up of products, sebum, and environmental pollution. It's a great backwash treatment to ensure hair is in optimum health and a service salon that should definitely be considered to your treatment menu.”

She adds: 

“We cleanse, exfoliate, and moisture our faces regularly so the same should apply to our scalps. We also store a lot of pent-up tension and stress in the muscles of our scalp and head. We sweat, use products, and also cover up with hats and caps throughout the year, thus creating build up and making it prone to inflammation and irritation resulting in the scalps follicles being affected and may even prevent healthy hair growth…

“Ultimately the benefits of a scalp facial are a thorough cleansing of the scalp which doesn't occur by shampooing alone. It also boosts the cell turnover, improves circulation, removes scalp impurities and excess oil and promotes hair growth. A scalp facial will enable a healthier foundation for growth and ensures a super clean scalp environment. We also look to encourage it as a pre-colour treatment essential for colour clients, too.”