Nak introduce grooming collection to barber brand

Nak Barber Australia has launched a collection of styling rituals and grooming products.

The eight vegan products have been created for mild cleansing, close shaving and hydrating skin protection on the scalp, hair, beard and body. Formulations feature purifying botanicals, beeswax, vegan Carnauba wax, resins, powders and clays.

The collection comprises Daily Detox Shampoo to refresh the scalp, hair and body and Beard & Face Elixir to soften sharp beard bristles, hair and skin.

For styling hair, choose from Done & Dirty, a hard clay for extreme hold with no shine; Tough'N Up, a no shine putty with strong hold and matte finish; Out of Control, a clay/semi strong hold for matte moveable control; In Shape, a low shine shaping paste for firm hold; Surf Wax, a wax pomade that creates sea salt beach texture; and Slick Pomade, a wax pomade for high shine and slick back grooming.

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