We have Lift-Off! Introducing new & improved LASHUS

LashusOver the last year, the LASHUS and S2 team have been on a huge BTS mission – to optimise your lash and brow game. And we are so excited to share the results.

LASHUS has been upgraded with a new, improved system that:

  • Lifts lashes in just 2-steps
  • Has the same great formula that can NOW be used for brow lamination too
  • Includes 5 NEW, intense tints for both lashes and brows
  • Is gentle on hair, with an extremely low risk of over processing and has no harsh grow out
  • Is ideal for sensitive eyes
  • Includes Lift & Fix sachets which now offer 20% EXTRA volume, but cost 25% less
So, what has changed? 

LASHUS Lift & Fix lotions can now be used on lashes and brows to perform gentle, long-lasting results. Lift & Fix works by lifting lashes to create the appearance of longer, thicker, more visible lashes. And for brows they give hairs more flexibility to be styled into a desired shape with ease.
The system has also dropped from 3 to 2 steps, thanks to the introduction of FixMix.

What is the new FixMix system?

FixMix is the result of combining fix lotion in a 2:1 ratio with LASHUS tint, creating beautiful, intense colour, whilst restoring the bonds in just 1 step!

The FixMix method is an effective and efficient way of performing the lash lift treatments - reducing appointment times by up to 10 minutes!

FixMix system is for lash lifts only.

LashusOur 5 NEW tints

With the introduction of 5 NEW, super intense tints for lashes and brows, professionals now have the option to perform both lash lifts and lamination, with the same brand, within the same service.

A new FixFilm for brow lamination

We've also introduced a NEW FixFilm to the portfolio of LASHUS products. Designed exclusively for use during brow lamination treatments to optimise the processing time of Lift Lotion and to hold brows in place while the product works its magic.

Plus, a NEW Cream Tint Developer

We've also launched a new Cream Tint Developer to be used with our tints when performing a brow lamination or standalone tint treatment. The cream consistency means it stays put during treatment and doesn't dry the hair out.

Say hello to FIVE new LASHUS kits!

Whether you're starting your journey with LASHUS, or looking to stock up on essentials, LASHUS Brow and Lash Lift kits have been carefully curated to offer everything you need (including free education).

New Brow Solutions  

Created by our team of experts, LASHUS introduces the NEW complete system for brows. Whether you're laminating, tinting, or refining, LASHUS' complete system is tailored to serve professionals with the education and tools to create long-lasting, beautiful brows. Plus, with our existing duo formula system, versatile for use on both lashes and brows, professionals have even more flexibility and efficiency in their treatments.

Exclusively available at LASHUS' only authorised Irish distributor, click here to speak to a Sweet Squared partnership manager about LASHUS.