Treatment focus: Offering waxing to your Vegan clients

One of the most profitable treatments a salon can offer is waxing, with products traditionally formulated using beeswax. However, with an increasing number of clients requesting that vegan products are used in their salon treatments, is it possible to offer these hair removal treatments in line with a vegan lifestyle?

Well, of course the answer is yes.

As its name suggests, beeswax has traditionally been a core ingredient in depilatory wax formulations. Beeswax is collected from beehives as part of the honey harvesting process, and when filtered is a natural ingredient that can be combined into a number of beauty and hair products, including balms, salves and of course, hair removal wax. 

Combined with rosin, a type of resin often from pine trees, and other specialised ingredients, beeswax creates a solid product that when melted to a specific temperature becomes pliable enough to comfortably apply to the skin. On removal, either strip-free (hot wax) or using strips, therapists can offer one of the most effective and profitable hair removal treatments.

Beeswax is however a product derived from animals, and in line with the vegan ethos, should not be included in a vegan lifestyle. On their website*, The Vegan Society states ‘harvesting honey does not correlate with The Vegan Society's definition of veganism, which seeks to exclude not just cruelty, but exploitation.' In addition, Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) state online**: “Let bees keep their beeswax – which they use to build honeycombs – too. Plenty of companies make great cosmetics and candles that don't hurt bees.”

Beeswax is a product derived from animals, and in line with the vegan ethos, should not be included in a vegan lifestyle.
Hive of Beauty, manufacturers of leading Hive® brand of hair removal, understand the ever-increasing demands from clients for vegan products, saying: 

“The beauty industry is well versed in changing trends, treatments and styles. However, in recent years there has been a change that the industry has not previously seen before and one which has been pushed to the forefront by issue conscious clients rightly concerned about animal rights, parabens and vegan suitability.”

So, the challenge for brands is to produce a professional hair removal product that delivers the highest level of results and client comfort without including any animal derived ingredients, and as usual our industry has risen to that task.

From reformulating their traditional waxes to developing cutting-edge sugar-based products grounded in ancient hair removal techniques, there's now a variety of vegan options suitable for all your clients…

Hive Wax

With options for every treatment, skin or hair type and client preference, Hive® have ensured that their popular core range of 425g strip waxes are vegan friendly. 

Their range of warm, crème and gelee waxes are high quality and formulated with pure ingredients to deliver optimum efficiency and gentle application, so clients enjoy a comfortable treatment. The Hive Wax 425g core range comprises Warm ‘Honey' Wax 425g, Tea Tree Crème Wax 425g, Sensitive Crème Wax 425g, Xtra Strong Warm Wax 425g, Crème Wax 425g, Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax 425g, and SuperBerry Antioxidant Crème Wax 425g.

Hive of Beauty:

Hidrowax from Arcocere Professional Wax

Hidrowax from Arcocere Professional Wax is formulated with water and sugar making it suitable for vegan use. 

With a unique fluid texture, Hidrowax is especially suitable for use on delicate skin that is sensitive to the tear, and/or soft and thin hair, and male clients. 

Hidrowax 100ml cartridge should be heated in the Hydro wax heater, with a melting point of around 45°C. Hidrowax 400ml tins can be heated in an appropriate wax heater, starting at higher temperature of 60°C, then reduced to 40°C.

Total Care:

Lycotec Hot Wax XXX

Lycotec Hot Wax XXX is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and new generation resins so that this vegan wax is super smooth to apply and ultra-pliable so that it does not break on removal.

Cruelty- and gluten-free, Lycotec is used at a very low working temperature, effortlessly removing coarse, strong hair as short as 1mm, so it ideal for delicate treatments such as Brazilian waxing.

It is available in White formulated with Coconut Oil, and SuperBerry with a Strawberry scent. 

Lycon Distribution Ireland:

Aqua Natural strip sugaring

Registered with the Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny-certified, Aqua Natural strip sugaring is a natural formulation made entirely from a pure blend of sugar syrups with no additional chemicals, citric acid, polymers or resins.

Applied like warm wax it effectively removes hair gently without causing any trauma to the skin, making it suitable for all skin conditions, even the most sensitive.

The product is also completely water-soluble and instantly biodegradable, whilst residue or spillages can be simply wiped away with water.

Aqua Natural:

Tamara's Certified Organic + Fair Trade Sugar Paste

Tamara's Certified Organic + Fair Trade Sugar Paste is available in Soft, Medium and Firm consistency, all of which are vegan, Leaping Bunny approved and Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Formulated from USDA certified Fair Trade and organic Sugar, Water and Citric Acid, this sugar paste is suitable for all areas of the body, applies easily yet is also strong enough to remove tough hair. 

Michelle Smith, CEO of Smith's Beauty Distribution, is Tamara's Sugar Lead Educator in Ireland, working closely alongside Michelle Croghan, training salons across the country.

A range of pre- and post-waxing products are also available including Pre Sugar Cleanser, After Sugar Lotion, Body Tonic, Drying Powder, On the Go Exfoliator, and Hungarian Mineral Mud.

Smith's Beauty Distribution (SBD):

Arcocere Professional Wax Sugar Paste

Arcocere Professional Wax have launched a new Sugar Paste compliant with the vegan standard, offering a biodegradable and water-soluble hair removal option. 

It is formulated with high molecular weight Vegetal Hyaluronic acid for its skin hydrating properties. This high molecular weight creates a superficial elastic protective film on the skin that maintains skin hydration, resulting in a more comfortable treatment. It also enriched with Argan Oil.

The Sugar Paste is suitable for removing all types of hair on all skin types, including thick and stubborn hair and even the most sensitive clients who suffer from capillary fragility.

Applied using a spatula or by hand, Sugar Paste Strong is heated and softened in a bain-marie, whilst Sugar Paste Ultra Soft is ready to use. 

Total Care: