Tattoo Wax, not just a new wax…it’s a new service!

Perron Rigot's Cirépil Tattoo Wax

Discover the first patented depilatory wax proven to revive tattoos with gentle exfoliation and hydrate with coconut oil.

Perron Rigot's Cirépil Tattoo Wax offers ultra-soft waxing. It is effective on all skin and hair types, thanks to a patented high performance ingredient which not only ensures great results but also respects sensitive skin and means less pain for your client.

Perron Rigot's Cirépil Tattoo WaxGreat on all skin and hair types, all over the body, especially where there is a tattoo that needs brightening. 

Cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free, Cirépil Tattoo Wax leaves behind beautiful skin, helps hair regrow fine and sparse, brightens and revives tattoos, and leaves less redness. 

In addition, Cirépil Tattoo Wax includes a retail range comprising: 

Perron Rigot's Cirépil Tattoo Wax Perron Rigot Tattoo Sublim Care Exfoliating & Illuminating Lotion
Formulated to purify and gently exfoliate the area before waxing tattooed skin. Clients will love using it at home for tattoo after care, keeping tattoos from fading, and reviving the design and colours.

Perron Rigot Tattoo Sublim Care Moisturising & Reviving Lotion
The final step after tattoo waxing services, formulated to moisturise and redefine the skin. Perfect to retail for at home tattoo maintenance to brighten and revive tattoos. 

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