Study at Bronwyn Conroy & the world is your oyster!

Are you looking for a change of scenery? Study at Bronwyn Conroy, and the world is your oyster! 

When you train with us here at Bronwyn Conroy, you're not only learning about Beauty Therapy and Aesthetics, but you're learning everything you need to know to be successful in your career. Whether you're looking to be your own boss, or you're looking at your lifelong dream of traveling the world! 

Firstly, let's get into the benefits of working abroad:

  • You get to meet new and interesting people - often making lifelong friends
  • You get to experience an entire new culture 
  • You'll grow in confidence! 
  • It will look fantastic on your CV
  • Working abroad means you can afford to stay somewhere longer and explore a new area. 

Here at Bronwyn Conroy with our Full-Time Beauty courses, we offer opportunities to have their dream career, in their dream destination - THE MALDIVES! Our Beauty Therapy and Skincare/Aesthetics Courses can be the gateway to living your best life and pursue your dreams in paradise.  Our contracts include both flights and accommodation with a minimum contract of six months! 

Studying with us will give you the tools you need to go out and take every opportunity that comes up. We instil all the knowledge you need to be the best, and we pride ourselves in having a huge success rate of employability - both in Ireland and overseas!

We offer a vast array of courses in our Blackrock and Cork Colleges, as well as some courses online (for example Teacher Training and our “SkinFluencer” Course) with a live tutor, so you can still get the Bronwyn Conroy experience from the comfort of your own home. 

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