Storyderm reveal 24k gold Princess Peel

Storyderm Princess Peel Korean dermacosmetic brand, Storyderm, has launched a new gold spicule skin peel.

Storyderm Princess Peel has been created to swiftly improve skin concerns by micro-stimulating the skin's basal layer to activate regeneration. 

As well as using 24K gold, the peel is formulated with spicule extracted from freshwater sponge which is dried and made into powder. This white spicule is refined into uniform shape and size so it is less irritative to the skin. 

The peel will treat inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, scarring and pigmentation, in addition to wrinkles, open pores and lack of elasticity, by boosting cell turnover through improved blood flow, oxygen supply and new cell activity.

The peel is applied to cleansed skin by spotting with a syringe on the forehead, nose, cheek, jaw and philtrum, massaging in. After removal, the Princess Shine Mask can be applied for even better results. 

Storyderm's Princess Peel's functional ingredients have been verified by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration.

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