Storyderm Korean Sheet Face Masks launch

Storyderm Korean Sheet Face Masks are now available in Ireland exclusively from Boost Beauty Solutions.

The range of six masks are rich in anti-oxidants and Sodium Hyaluronate mimicking Hyaluronic acid, and designed for use once or twice a week. 

They are produced using Tencel, a 100% natural cellulose fibre from Bamboo which is soft, flexible and hypoallergenic. During use, skin is revitalised, and supplied with oxygen and nutrition. 

The Storyderm Korean Sheet Face Mask collection includes:

  • The Vitamin C Brightening Mask for dull, ageing and smokers skin with Grapefruit and Ascorbic acid
  • The E.G.F Advanced mask formulated with Epithelial growth Factor to regenerate and improve skin elasticity
  • To firm skin, the Princess Shine Mask uses Ginseng roots and Centella asiatica extract for strengthening skin barrier along with Witch Hazel
  • For irritated or red skin, the Time machine Calming Mask features Panthenol, Caviar extract and Jojoba oil to reduce redness, rosacea, eczema and drying skin
  • The Ultra Peptide Mask is designed for wrinkle reduction with Oilgopeptide 1 and Copper Tripeptide 1 to promote collagen and elastin synthesis
  • To encourage glowing skin, the 02 White Mask is formulated with Arbutin, Cucumber extract, and muscle relaxant Chlorphenesin.
The Storyderm Korean Sheet Face Masks are available now from Boost Beauty Solutions.