Seoulista reveal Peppermint Toes soothing foot masks

Seoulista Peppermint Toes® Seoulista Beauty® has introduced a new addition to their range, this time created specifically for over-worked, sore and tired feet. 

Seoulista Peppermint Toes® is a single step hydrating foot treatment that targets common concerns of active feet including rough, dry skin and even fungal infection. 

The serum-infused booties feature effective ingredients including purifying Eucalyptus leaf extract to help fight bacterial build-up, soothing Peppermint leaf and Shea Butter to help combat inflammation, hydrating Hyaluronic acid and a cleansing blend of natural botanicals.

For best results, wear the Peppermint Toes booties for 30 minutes secured with the tag. The drip-free design delivers a no-fuss treatment that can be carried out in the salon or at home. 

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