Party On!

The run-up to Christmas and New Year is possibly the busiest time of the year for salons. While summer may see a steady increase in certain treatments, the festive season sees literally everyone looking for their favourite beauty treatments at once – making for a very full appointment book. There are certain treatments that always go down well in the party season; the trick is to recognise which ones are ideal for the immediate results wanted by clients before a party, and marketing accordingly. We've picked out some of our favourites and outlined some ideas on how to market party packages to maximise profits in the run-up to Christmas – we've also come up with some ideas on great at-home solutions to boost retail sales. Simply place these beside the till and sell, sell, sell!

Great skin

One of the biggest buzzwords in makeup this year is great, glowing skin – but unfortunately, makeup can only go so far. Ideally, clients should be looking after their skin carefully in the run-up to Christmas, but if this is not the case, there are a number of facials that can be marketed as party treatments as they give instant brightening effects. For example, the anti-ageing DIBIMILANO White Science treatment lightens and brightens uneven skin tone and stimulates collagen production for radiant, plumper skin. The treatment uses a complex of lightening ingredients including Chinese herb extracts, Vitamin C, Liquorice extract, Citric Acid and Glycolic Acid, while collagen enriched Whitology Complex slows down the formation of melanin creating a lightening and brightening effect on the skin.
DIBI Milano:

Retail opportunity… Seoulista Instant Facials
For an at-home facial that gives real, immediate results, stock up on Seoulista Beauty's Advanced Clinic Formulation Instant Facial sheet masks. Diamond RadianceInstant Facial improves the tone of the skin helping to reveal a bright and glowing complexion. The high-performance formula combines peptides, AHAs and glittering gem powders to exfoliate and brighten the skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Gold Glow Instant Facial cleanses, brightens and rejuvenates your complexion. Infused with 100% pure primrose oil and Bulgarian Rose extract, it helps to firm, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Seoulista Beauty:

Virginie Claire recommends a hydrating treatment such as Soin Aqua PHYTS, a 75-minute luxury treatment that promotes smooth, soothed, soft, plump and glowing skin. Vegetable Hyaluronic Acid draws water towards itself, filling the skin with water and moisture, while vitamins and essential fatty acids in Organic Sunflower Oil and Castor Oil brings even more plumping and softening to the skin. The Aqua Facial is also full of massage techniques and lymph drainage, which have a massive influence on the body and mind as well as the skin. Offer a party treatment such as a lash tint or a nail buffing treatment while the mask is on.
Virginie Claire: 01 497 8833

Slim Body

Everybody wants to look good in their party outfits, and if you're feeling a little less than confident, then a last-minute treatment can come in very handy indeed. There are plenty of high-tech contouring solutions on the market but often they need a course in order to see results. This is why a body wrap is perfect for the party season – results are seen from the very first wrap. MiniMi is marketed as a revolutionary body wrap that does far more than reduce inches. The wrap contains active ingredients that work on the breakdown of fat cells in the body, leading to fat reduction; help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, resulting in smoother and firmer skin; and continue to work up to three days after the treatment.
The Beauty School: +44 (0) 28 4175 3900

Retail opportunity… Juliette Armand Triple Action Shape Gel
Many skincare ranges offer an effective at-home contouring treatment. Triple Action Shape Gel from Juliette Armand contains ingredients for reducing cellulite and fatty deposits, and is perfect for the tummy after weight loss or post pregnancy. Ingredients include Lipocare, a slimming cocktail for improving orange peel, firming the skin and breaking down fatty deposits. Remoduline is a slimming agent for cellulite while ecoslim uses caffeine extract for slimming and contouring.
Beauty Boost: 01 490 5525

All about the eyes

When it comes to giving the face an instant lift, pay close attention to the brows and the lashes. This is not just a fashion trend – the brows frame the face, and treatments have become so sophisticated now that almost any look can be achieved. HD Brows is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading. It's especially ideal for overplucked or sparse brows. The good news is that even more shades have been added to the range, so whether your client wants a dramatic look or a subtle look, this can be easily done.
The Beauty School: +44 (0) 28 4175 3900

Retail opportunity… My Lashes By Ciara
For an alternative to strip lashes, try My Lashes By Ciara, a new range of magnetic lashes made with synthetic Korean fur that give that much-desired full-lash effect with no mess or fuss. They are quick and easy to apply and need no glue, so no damage and they are completely reusable. Already endorsed by beauty influencers Triona McCarthy and Mary O'Donnell, the range consists of six styles: Classy Cara are natural to short outer corner magnetic lashes; Curly Kate are long outer corner magnetic lashes; Alluring Andie are medium/long outer corner magnetic lashes; Allie adds volume to the lashes with a dramatic mix of chocolate and black; Jilly are wispy, natural-looking lashes in a light black colour; and Kitty are short, natural black lashes for everyday wear.
Plush Beauty: 061 424 049

Lashes are not just for those who want plenty of drama, there are so many brands and types on the market now that every look is possible for every type of client. Training and practice is vital. If you're starting out, the Marvellash Russian Lash Kit contains everything needed for Russian volume layering, multilash feathering and 3/4/5/6D techniques. Alternatively, give natural lashes a lift using the Salon System LashPerm Lashlift Kit, which lifts lashes right from the root, helping to enhance and emphasise the eyes whilst creating the illusion of length and volume. Results last for eight weeks. The kit contains enough product to perform up to ten lifts.
Hennessy Hair & Beauty: 021 434 3436

Quick tan

Sunless tanning is in its very essence a shortcut for party-ready looks – but what if your client can't wait around for a tan to develop overnight? Make sure you have a quick-acting tan in stock for the festive season, such as Crazy Angel's Express Fast Acting Salon Tanning Spray, which has been specifically formulated to develop within two to four hours and gives three levels of tan intensity to enable your clients to tailor their own results. After applying the tan, clients can leave it on for two hours to achieve a light tan, three hours for a medium tan and four hours for a dark tan! Crazy Angel Express is enhanced with Vegetan Premium to help optimise performance, enhance the skin's natural tone and produce beautifully tanned results.
Salon Savers:

Opportunity… Instant Tan & Eraser
Sunless tanning is ideal for retail opportunities, from gradual tanners to keep your tan going throughout the party season to moisturisers and scrubs to ensure the tan wears off without getting patchy. An excellent product for the party season is an instant tan – for those clients who don't even have the time (or the facilities) for an express tan. He-Shi's One Day Tan is a tinted bronzer that lasts all day but washes off easily in the shower when you get home. It gives a nice natural tint and dries quickly on the skin.

4Beauty Group: +44 (0) 28 9044 9744

Marketing Party Treatments

You may know that you have plenty to offer when it comes to getting ready for that big party, but do your clients? Ensure they know all the options by offering some party-specific offers and treatments

Choose from your menu
Your first port of call is to look at what you offer and decide what can be tailored to give quick results – these can be repackaged as party treatments. Perhaps you have a facial that gives instant results, or a nail treatment/look that's fabulous for Christmas parties. Pick out these treatments and design a party-specific menu, so clients can see exactly what they can achieve.

Offer party packages

A great way to maximise revenue is to offer packages – you're offering clients value by bundling treatments and giving discounts, but you're also upselling to those clients who might usually just book in for one treatment. You're also potentially showcasing other treatments to clients who mightn't necessarily have chosen them in the first place – but if they like the results, they might just book them in future.

Combine treatment with retail

Retail is where it's at in terms of profit – all great-performing salons will report that looking after a client's homecare not only ensures great results but also great revenue for the business. Use the party season to boost retail by offering treatment and product bundles. For instance, offer a gradual tanner plus professional spray tan at one special price, or handcare plus cuticle oil with every gel polish. And don't forget the all important Christmas beauty gifts!

Offer pre- and post-party packages

A great way to ensure your salon is busy during the quieter months of January and February is to offer packages that continue after the party season has ended. Why not offer a pre- and post-party package, with the usual choices for party, plus some ‘recovery' treatments, such as a hydrating and repairing facial and a luxurious manicure or pedicure?

Give group discounts

If you have links with any businesses, try offering a party package for the office party. Give discounts for groups booking treatments like spray tans, or offer to come into the office to give manicures and other portable treatments.