New Mila d'Opiz Vitamin B3 serum brightens & hydrates

Mila d'Opiz Swiss Concentrate Vitamin B3 Professional skincare brand, Mila d'Opiz, has revealed a new serum to its Swiss Concentrates line that can be combined into salon facials as well as used at home.

Mila d'Opiz Swiss Concentrate Vitamin B3 delivers a brightening effect to the skin, compensating for redness and hyperpigmentation. It also protects against moisture loss, is anti-inflammatory, and balances sebum production.

Key ingredient Hyaluronic Acid also delivers an immediate, effective and long-lasting moisturiser and wrinkle-filler effect.

Mila d'Opiz Swiss Concentrates can be used in the salon with or without machines to effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions, and therapists can introduce different serums to customise clients' Mila d'Opiz facial treatments.

In addition, they can be retailed as a short course of two to three weeks for homecare exclusively in salons. 

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