Meder reformulate acne concentrate for more effective results

EU-Seb Anti Acne ConcentrateProfessional skin care brand, Meder Beauty Science, has reformulated its EU-Seb Anti Acne Concentrate to reduce viable c. Acnes by 92% in 24 hours without the need for acids or retinol.

Meder Beauty Science EU-Seb Anti Acne Concentrate is a prebiotic-based topical acne treatment that uses Bioecolia to stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora on the skin. Its latest formulation now features two potent plant stem cells to make it even more effective against chronic acne and skin oiliness. Mordina Citrifolia (Noni Plant) stem cells inhibit and suppress the formation of undesirable microflora including Cutibacterium acnes, whilst Bioflavonoids from Indonesia Maclura stem cells bind retinoid receptors in sebum-producing skin cells.

Mimicking a potent form of Retinoic acid, these stem cells improve skin elasticity and texture by 30% in just one week without common side effects traditionally associated with Retinoids.

Used day and night, in combination with Meder Net-Apax Cleansing Mask and Equa-Derm Cream, the Concentrate can deliver results in five weeks.