Lone Sorensen neuro reflexology training comes to Ireland

Training in the techniques of neuro reflexology pioneer Lone Sorensen is now available in Ireland, with Mariga Sheedy becoming the authorised education partner for the Lone Sorensen International Reflexology School in Ireland.

Courses cover Danish reflexologist Lone Sorensen's methodology for physical and mental health and wellness/beauty. Techniques combine elements of Tibetan medicine, Oriental medicine and primitive techniques from Aboriginal tribes. Renowned worldwide, her treatments include the Japanese Cosmo Facelift technique.

Mariga Sheedy (pictured) is now certified to offer training in these techniques including Japanese Facelift, Neuro Facial Reflexology and Neuro Foot Reflexology suitable for Beginners, plus CPD courses for qualified reflexologists or body therapists.

Courses take place in Wexford and Portlaoise in collaboration with The Golden Egg Holistic School and can also be privately booked for on-site spa training.

Facial Reflexology by Mariga