Hourglass customisable eye palette revealed

Vegan beauty brand, Hourglass Cosmetics, has introduced Curator Eyeshadow, a customisable eyeshadow collection with refillable packaging.

Hourglass Cosmetics' Curator Eyeshadow refillable palettes are designed to be customised with a choice of 40 highly pigmented shades across four finishes. In lieu of virgin plastic, the palettes are crafted from tin and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and recyclable aluminium.

Commenting on the launch of Curator Eyeshadow refillable palettes, Hourglass Cosmetics Founder and CEO Carisa Janes, says:

“I designed Curator with sustainability in mind. It's a purposeful way to shop eyeshadow, allowing you to choose the exact shades you want, so you're not ending up with a palette full of extra shades you'll never use, while the chic refillable palettes help reduce waste over time.

“Much like the sustainability of luxury fashion, Curator is about investing in your future – you buy a high-quality palette now, and then use it forever. Also, the palettes are made from tin and recycled plastic rather than standard virgin plastic. This change in materials is significant, because it translates to a waste reduction of up to five plastic bottles per five-pan palette.”