Guinot combats daily stress with new night cream

Guinot Crème Night Logic French skincare house Guinot has introduced a new night cream formulated to neutralise the effects of daily stress on the skin whilst you sleep.

Guinot Crème Night Logic is especially effective on dull skin exposed to irritants and tension when applied whilst the skin is in its rest and regenerative phase overnight. 

Key ingredients include Chrononight, a biotechnological extract derived from a pseudo-microalgae that stimulates cell metabolism and has day-night growth rhythms similar to that of cells. This works in synergy with Esculoside to boost microcirculation and detoxify the skin, along with Hydroctye Complex which maintains water deep in the epidermis and forms a protective barrier intensely hydrating the skin.

This smooth, non-greasy cream leaves skin appearing refreshed, rested, plumped and supple.