Foreo launch limited edition skin tool to celebrate diversity

Swedish beauty tech brand Foreo has introduced an exclusive edition of its Luna 3 skincare tool to celebrate its brand revamp. 

Foreo have launched the revamp across all of its channels to promote equality and inclusivity. This follows research as part of its long-term “Dare To Be You” campaign, for which the brand conducted a global poll on Instagram which found that 78% of people recognise the brand as inclusive and diverse, while two out of three said they feel the brand represents them.

The limited-edition Luna 3 device (there are only 100 available) is crafted as a piece of art with an exclusive pattern, and each has been gifted to unique and beautiful individuals living the Dare To Be You lifestyle.

Commenting on the brand's celebration of individuality, diversity and inclusivity, Boris Trupcevic, CEO of Foreo, says:

“The beauty industry is not just about the products and services. It's primarily about the people who use them and the way they feel when they look in the mirror. Inclusivity is a major issue, not only for individuals but for our whole society, and yet it's a topic that has been largely ignored by beauty brands for decades. Foreo is determined to change this, starting by making everyone feel beautiful and proud in their own skin, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.”