Expert Opinion: Brow trend predications for 2023

Lash & Brow Expert Ruth Aktins shares her thoughts on brow lamination, tinting and embellishments for brows in the next 12 months.  

I think there will be a few brow trends for 2023 – some continuing from this year with the popularity of the laminated brow, but rather than lifting them to their full capacity.

I see brow technicians laminating within precise borders, keeping a well-groomed brow super streamlined and neatly placed by micro lining and mapping during the treatment.  [Through] this, alongside a precise brow tint with maximum skin stainage, a full, filled in powder brow will be achieved but it will have a more neatened appearance rather than bushy and unkempt. Thinner than the looks we have been seeing in 2022, but not 80's thin!

Inspired by NYFW, I think nights out might take on elements of an embellished brow. Glitters, sequins, embossed crystals can easily be applied with a strip lash glue. Think make-up artists finishing a party make-up look with add a bit of brow bling.

Tinting the skin when doing a brow tint application is going to be big in 2023 than ever before.  Time stretched clients will be going for more longer lasting results in the salon helping them achieve a semi-permanent make-up look without the need of needles.  We'll see new tinting treatments and techniques being introduced in 2023 to achieve this two week ‘wake-up make-up' treatment that everyone will love.

I also see custom colour tinted brows coming into its own in 2023. More and more brow techs are feeling more confident now with the vast array of shades at their disposal. No longer do brows need to be 50 shades of brown, but reds, chestnut, and graphites may be added for extra warmth or coolness. 

The brow techs of 2023 will be investing in tinting ranges with a good colour pallet - like the RefectoCil range - and offering ‘brow treatments' rather than just a brow tint.

Educator Ruth Aktins is Lash and Brow Expert for Salon System, who offer the RefectoCil range.