Expert Advice: Why waxing is better!

Hair removal experts Perron Rigot consider the pros and cons of different professional hair removal techniques.

With so many hair removal options and some that are even permanent, do people still get waxed? What are the benefits of waxing vs other hair removal options? Can you still make money waxing?
Hair is natural and normal, but some people prefer to be hair-free, creating the need for a hair removal solution. When looking to remove hair, there are many choices. The options include shaving, depilatory creams, electrolysis, tweezing, threading, IPL/laser and waxing.


The quickest and most cost-effective option but with the least desirable results, shaving is the act of using a razor to remove the hair. The hair is removed at skin level leaving smooth skin for a very short amount of time, 24 hours or less. 
Removing the hair with a razor strengthens the hair follicle making the hair coarser and denser over time, the result is rough stubble when the hair grows back. 

Ingrown hair and unsightly dark hair follicles seen mostly on the legs and underarms are also more prevalent. 
Add to that the nicks and scrapes and shaving is quickly ranked the least favourite choice for hair removal. Most clients will become annoyed with shaving and book a waxing appointment asap.


In an Electrolysis treatment, an electrical current is flowed into the hair follicle that may remove the hair overtime, sometimes permanently. The downfall of electrolysis is time. It can take many sessions to achieve permanent results plus clocking in at approximately one minute per hair, makes Electrolysis a solution for small areas or individual hairs but not a large area. 

The pain factor is also higher than any of the other methods. However, bonus points for the ability to remove grey hair.

Depilatory Cream 

Depilatory creams, gels and foams contain strong ingredients such as calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and potassium which break down the keratin in the hair literally dissolving the hair within a few minutes. 

They are cost effective and relatively time efficient, but messy, with an emphasis on messy!

Irritation or damage to the skin is possible so great care must be taken. 

Depilatory creams will remove the hair slightly below the surface of the skin resulting in a smooth surface for a day or so longer than shaving. In our opinion, the mess is not worth it. Clients struggle and likely become eager to see their beauty therapist for a quick wax instead.


Threading has a few benefits. Say the client is taking Accutane, threading is an option. Or if someone has an allergy to wax, threading may be a good choice. But overall, threading can be painful, can break the hair, does not remove the vellus hair and really the face is the area that is typically threaded.


Removing hair using tweezers is cost effective and relatively quick but the negatives far out weight the positives though. 

Tweezing is painful and only an option for small areas. For a random hair, sure, but for an entire area tweezing is not practical. Even for eyebrows, clients find it hard to create the perfect shape preferring waxing over tweezing. Leave it to the professional.


Efficient, long lasting, affordable and easily accessible makes waxing the holy grail of hair removal! Really when you look at the options, you can see why waxing is the number one choice. 

The waxing industry continues to grow as more and more people ditch the razor and head to the salon, offering an opportunity to offer a service clients need and to make more money for the wax therapist.

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