Fashionizer Spa’s Newest Sustainable Fabric

August 2022 – Two years on from its launch of Eco Smooth, sustainable spa uniform specialist, Fashionizer Spa, has revealed excellent feedback from its customers. Developed during 2019 and launched mid-pandemic in 2020, Eco Smooth was a natural progression from the company's much loved Cotton Performance Fabric. The new material has a silky finish and combines the properties of organic cotton (60%) and the durability of ™Newlife PET (37%) with an added touch of Lycra (3%). The result is uniforms that are elegant to look at and great to wear while incorporating eco-friendly credentials.


The versatility of the cotton component of Eco Smooth ensures that it is strong, breathable, hypoallergenic, comfortable and bio-degradable while the organic production process reduces the negative impact on local water quality and biodiversity.  Additionally, ™Newlife PET is a high-performance textile derived without chemicals from recycled plastic bottles, achieving a quality fabric with similar characteristics to silk and cotton. It complements the organic cotton element of Eco Smooth with anti-bacterial, moisture controlling and fast drying properties, resulting in a textile which is lightweight, comfortable against the skin and practical to launder.


The final touch is the addition of high-performance finishes. Silverplus®, an anti-bacterial environmentally friendly solution, is applied to help prevent the build-up of odours and a soil release treatment may also be introduced which allows the uniforms to stay fresher for longer and enhances launderability at lower temperatures.


Kaitlyn McKissick (Morro) of Infinity Group Gibraltar, says: “The fit, cut and comfort of our uniforms is important - we want to look stylish and function easily throughout the day. Fashionizer Spa's garments tick all these boxes – customers love to see us looking chic, the design supports our individual shapes and we appreciate the fact that Fashionizer Spa has taken the initiative to create their garments with sustainable fabrics.  The age of gorgeous and ethical uniforms is here. “


Eco Smooth is currently available in the following styles: Aurora Spa Tunic, Ursa Spa Shirt, and the Sarin Spa Trousers, in black and white. Oatmeal will soon be added to the colour range and additional styles are to follow shortly. Current customers include Nobu Hotels and Aromatherapy Associates as well as Infinity Group Gibraltar. Uniforms in Eco Smooth can be used in housekeeping as well as spa environments.


Debbie Leon, Founder and MD of Fashionizer Spa, says: “The clue is in the name. Eco Smooth has an elegant sheen, adding a glamorous finish to the garments. It is a natural addition to our fabric collection, giving our customers more choice of textures while realising our commitment to reducing environmental impacts.”


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About Fashionizer Spa

Fashionizer Spa is a specialist spa uniform design company focusing on sustainability and fabric innovation to create stylish and professional uniforms specifically designed for spa or salon environments. 

We combine an understanding of spa environments with design experience and technical expertise to create spa uniforms that are fit for purpose and comfortable to wear. Each of our fabrics has a specific texture, look and properties, which enable our customers to choose the right fabric and best style for their spa, resort or salon.

Since its launch in 2008, the company has become a market leader for sustainable spa uniforms with many prestigious clients in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. They include Blue Lagoon Iceland, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Six Senses Resorts Hotels Spas and Aspria BV. Fashionizer Spa is the only supplier of organic spa uniforms that can distribute to locations worldwide.


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