Career Ladder: Meet Michelle Furey-Lawlor

Michelle Furey-Lawlor is founder of JeJuve Clinic / JeJuve Aesthetics and regarded as one of Ireland’s most trusted Advanced Master Specialist Aestheticians.

With a career spanning 20 years with the last seven devoted to aesthetics and the cosmetic industry, Michelle Furey-Lawlor has made a name for herself as a leading Aesthetics/Cosmetic Consultant. As well as establishing Dublin's JeJuve Clinic in 2017, she has recently founded Cosmetic Fairies with teeth whitening expert, Aisling Burke. 

“I grew up behind the camera,” Michelle explains. “In the entertainment industry, with my father [musician Eddie Furey of The Fureys]. I used to love watching the make-up artists especially in RTE and at music video tapings as a child and as a teenager, working in the background. Once I was told it was most important to mind your face. For to have a good palette you needed great skincare.”

Michelle's first role was as a body, beauty and facial therapist, until she went on to open her own salon in 2017.

“I worked alongside amazing brands as Elemis, Yonka, Skinceuticals, to name a few,” Michelle tells us. “I worked in some amazing spas such as the Shelbourne Hotel, The Royal Marine Hotel, the Osprey and the exclusive Killashee House Hotel Spa. I worked for myself as well building the clinic for JeJuve.”

She now has an impressing 28 qualifications under her belt. Michelle was trained by the University of Aesthetics, and then went on to further her education with several well-known companies. She also trained with Dr Milak of Harley Street, London. Most recently, she undertook medic training by The ALR company who registered her with the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

She recently became an international trainer in aesthetics, and signed a major contract with pharmaceutical aesthetics brand, Infini, and has been named as Diamond Aesthetics International Trainer for Ireland.

Michelle is also in high demand by some of Europe's leading doctors and plastic surgeons, and currently works as a Consultant alongside the Balticlinic with Lithuanian celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr Darius Bagdanavicius.

She has also gained the moniker of ‘Celebrity Injector'. “It started off as a number of the people in the entertainment industry who came for treatments, but who didn't want to advertise that they did so. They preferred to go to someone who knew the industry they worked in, and it suited them that I grew up in the environment. Then I was known in the industry as someone who could be trusted to be discreet and was understanding. It then became a case of being a celebrity's daughter who was an injector to it shortening over the years to a ‘celebrity injector',” she says.

As well as treating a wide range of clients in her roles as Consultant and at her Dublin clinic, Michelle has undertaken charitable work, rebuilding the faces of domestic violence survivors as well as helping people transitioning within the Transgender community, equally feminising or masculising facial features.

Michelle's success can not only be seen on the faces of her clients but is also reflected in the achievements of her business. She won Best Innovation and Best Newcomer awards from the Dublin South Chamber of Commerce, whilst in 2019/20 she gained her first All-Ireland All Start Accreditation award, and won again in 2021, awarded for her trust, performance and customer-focussed attitude.

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Cosmetic Fairies
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