Career Ladder: Meet Aisling Burke

Aisling Burke is founder of Teeth Whitening Fairies, teeth whitening and Clip on Veneers experts, located in Dublin. She shares her story of how she established and grew her business, what drove her to succeed, and the launch of the Teeth Whitening Academy.

“In 2015 I started a Teeth Whitening business and opened the first Clip on Veneers clinic in Ireland. I also opened up a new salon called Cosmetic Fairies on Crumlin Road, Dublin offering bespoke treatments such as Bee Venom Facials and Hydra Facials. I am a big believer in holistic treatments for the face and body, as I also trained as a healer.   

“Business has its ups and down. It tests every part of your being but it's worth it. I am still everyday so grateful and still pinch myself in what I have achieved in this short time. I'm so excited for what is planned for the coming years. 

“In 2014 I helped my ex-partner with a business he set up.  It helped me keep busy as at that time my Dad became a lot sicker and I was able to help out. I really looked up to my Dad as he was an entrepreneur and he let nothing stand in his way. I got my work ethic from him. 

“The following months to come were so hard, watching my Dad get weaker and weaker. My Dad left this world on March 13th 2015. My Dad's passing gave me the fire to go after what I wanted as life is way too short to be waiting around.  

“In May 2015 my ex-partner and I opened a shop in South William Street selling waist trainers. I wanted to do something myself as well.

My cousin popped in to see me and he had whitening clinics around Ireland. He said why don't you do teeth whitening. So I ran with the idea, and trained both here in Ireland and also in Los Angeles. I bought the machine, set it up and was due to open it and I was in a car crash two days before so we had to close it all down.  

“In that time my cousin said why don't you do mobile? I said at this stage I will try anything and so I did. I got my very first booking and went along to the house and when I arrived I thought to myself ‘I could do two people together'. I went and got another machine. I got more bookings. From there I bought another two machines. By December 2016 I was booked out going from place to place working 16 to 19 hours per day. January was the same. I was so busy. I was so focused and kept my head down and worked non-stop. By this time I had 10 machines and was booked out seven days a week. In 2017 I opened up a teeth whitening clinic in Walkinstown. By 2018 I had taken the whole building over. I went from having one room to the building. 

“Everything was going well but I noticed that things were slowing down after Christmas. Then the lockdown kicked in and my clinics had to close. I had always wanted my own product range but never had the time to create them. With the help of Matthew Toban and his team at Bankhouse Media we created a full range of products and also designed a new business. 

“In 2020 I got the keys to 199 Crumlin Road, and in January 2020 we created a Teeth Whitening Academy in which we train people to work for themselves. It's all go!”

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