Sponsored: Beauty Therapy - More than Skin Deep?

Bronwyn Conroy's ITEC/CIDESCO Beauty/Aesthetic Courses are the preferred courses for students wanting a career in Aesthetics or if they're looking to go down the traditional Beauty Therapy route. Our Full Time Course includes five ITEC Qualifications as well as the CIDESCO Aesthetic Certificate - both which are recognised internationally. 

For those not in the industry, often at times Beauty Therapy can be seen to be an “easier” career path but the second they see the skillset and the determination required people swiftly change their narrow minds! CIDESCO is the highest awarded qualification in Beauty Therapy, and while it takes sheer determination, every second of it is worth it as once you're a CIDESCO graduate you're high in demand! 

Covid has changed learning in all educational areas, and Beauty is no exception. Self-study, determination and dedication are required by all students who register for a CIDESCO Qualification. Equipped with these skills you'll be a success story - we promise! 

While Covid has changed the landscape of learning, it's also changed how our students learn. We found a great solution to social distancing measures ensuring both students and staff are as protected and safe as possible - Our Tilly Mannequin heads! Not only does this reduce the risk of transmission in our schools, but it also builds confidence in students and their skills. They're able to practice over and over again, without irritating their classmates' skin (or nerves!), and you know what they say - practice makes perfect.  

Once students feel confident using their mannequin heads, they can safely practice on other students to get that vital person-to-person experience making them salon-ready upon completion of our courses. We try to accommodate students as much as possible and enable both a safe and happy learning environment. 

All of our course resources are available for students on the Moodle platform for them to study on their own when it's convenient for them whether you're at home, on your commute. We understand everyone learns differently so the course work is always available to hand! 

What will I learn on this Full Time Course? 

ITEC Level 2 Beauty Specialist Diploma includes:

  • ITEC Skincare
  • ITEC Make up
  • ITEC Manicure & Pedicure
  • ITEC Waxing
  • ITEC Business Awareness & Professional Conduct
  • ITEC Award Infection Prevention Covid 19
  • ITEC Level 3 Facial Electrics Diploma
  • ITEC Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Diploma
  • ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Holistic Massage
  • ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Microdermabrasion 
This, like most of our courses, is a Blended Learning Course - some of our theory will be taught on Zoom, with a Live Tutor - so you're still getting the Bronwyn Conroy Experience from the comfort of your own home. All the practical portion of this course will be in our Dublin or Cork college so you'll get that hands-on experience to make you the best Aesthetician or Beauty Therapist you can be! 

Blended Learning combines virtual learning with face-to-face instruction

  • All of the practical elements are taught and practiced in the School
  • ITEC Approved Mannequin Heads are used for all initial learning
  • Textbooks and course notes are provided throughout
  • PowerPoint slides, professional videos, homework and quizzes are all available on the BC Moodle Learning platform
  • Home study/practice as well as the completion of case evidence material is compulsory and not optional
  • The hours required to meet ITEC requirements can only be achieved through home study and practice on real models
  • Students who do not complete these hours will be unable to be put forward for final exams
  • Full Tutor support is provided through zoom tutorials when necessary
  • As this is ‘Adult Education' it is the students' responsibility to complete the homework/case studies/practice as guided by your Tutor. Days missed may not be repeated
Want to find out more? 

Visit our website: https://bronwynconroy.com/full-time-cidesco/, get in contact with Anna today on 01 210 7848 or email info@bronwynconroy.com and we'd be more than happy help you start your journey into Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy!