Skin biome supplement tackles 'maskne'

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Clear Biome™Nutraceutical specialist, Advanced Nutrition Programme, has launched Skin Clear Biome™, a skin biome supplement which aims to target stressed skin, oily and combination skin, irritated skin, stressed skin, and acne caused by the wearing of face masks (maskne). 

It is formulated with four strains of beneficial bacteria along with zinc which work in synergy to balance and clear the skin from within. The live beneficial bacteria are microencapsulated in a protective matrix which ensures the live bacteria reach the small intestine where they are needed.

The plant-based capsules, which are suitable for vegetarians and gluten free, and treat the skin from within. Test results from iiaa's Skin Health Research Centre showed that during a 60-day period, 74% of users reported clearer and more even skin, 74% said their digestion improved, 71% said that skin quality improved, and 64% reported that skin was less oily than usual.

Taken once a day, each box of Advanced Nutrition Programme's Skin Clear Biome™ contains a two-month supply.