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Yumi Lash & Brow Tends for A/W 2022


Just like nails have different trends each season, so do lashes and brows! Remember those overly plucked brows that were as straight as ever? With that in mind and as the new season quickly approaches, Nadia Rafi Kenny at YUMI Beauty shares with us information on what lash and brow trends we can expect to see and the essential products we need to be stocking in salons for clients to keep their brows and lashes looking pristine and their brow and lash services long-lasting.



Super long in length, glamorous and thick eyelashes are out for the new season. We will see clients moving away from lash extension services and instead, looking to get services like LVL that will give their natural lashes colour and length but are a lot more subtle or for those who do like extensions and don't want to stray away just yet, we will see them opting for styles that are not as dramatic and instead, styles that are a lot more classic.


Many clients are often conscious about lash extensions and how they can damage their own natural lashes and this is another reason clients are opting for treatments like LVL, which can be damaging whereby they do not need to have false eyelashes glued to their natural lashes. It's also a more low maintenance treatment, not requiring an infill like eyelash extensions. Client's love that they can take a break or come back to the salon every 6-8 weeks for their next lash lift.


Retail must haves:

Keratin Brow and Lash Serum - with LVL being one of the hottest beauty treatments this year (not just in terms of lashes but beauty treatments as a whole) clients will be looking to ensure their lashes are as long as possible prior to going to the salon for their lash lift. The Keratin Brow and Lash Serum can be used daily by clients to promote the growth phase of lashes while triggering new growth and also to keep them deeply nourished.


YUMI Aftercare Mascara – After LVL in the salon clients will want to ensure they can get the most  out of their treatment and have it lasting as long as possible. The YUMI Aftercare Mascara helps to keep lashes strengthened, healthy and shiny and will also stimulate growth at the same time. On the next appointment clients lashes will appear lengthened and thickened.


Perfect Mascara Black for day to day use – even after LVL clients can be tempted to use a mascara to give their lengthen their lashes even further and give them a more intense colouring, particularly if they're heading on nights out or if they have any special occasions. This mascara provides an immediate lash lengthening and volume effect and lasts up to 8 hours. It works to provide a lash lift affect should clients not have LVL or if they do, to accentuate the results of the treatment.



Brow lamination will remain the most popular brow trend as we head into autumn/winter 2022 whereby clients are looking for fuller, fluffier and more natural looking brows.


Another trend of the season will be glossy brows. Think the glass hair trend but for eyebrows! Clients no longer want their brows to look dull in appearance, they want the hairs to look glossy and as healthy as possible.


Retail must haves:

Keratin Brow and Lash Serum – a must to strengthen and boost brow growth whilst also giving brows shine. The product can be applied on brows daily and brushed through with the brow comb provides to create gorgeous brushed up and healthy looking brows.


Keratine Restore Mascara - like many of the products within the YUMI Beauty range, this product can be used on BOTH lashes and brows to provide nourishment. This mascara is a great one for brows, whereby after brow lamination services, clients can simply use this each day to extend the treatment and keep their brows looking fabulous, hydrated, healthy and shiny in between appointments. With a brow lamination service there's no need for clients to use a brow pencil or gel on their eyebrows every day, they can simply invest in a product like this that will keep their brows looking perfect, fluffy and full all day every day.