Gellux goes crazy for A/W nail colour trends

Professional beauty supplier Salon System has introduced its Gellux A/W 2022 nail colour collection as we enter the autumnal season. 

Colour Me Crazy comprises eight new gel polish colours in Gellux formulation, featuring warm, rich and earthy tones.

Colours Bitten Berry, Much Drama, All Fired Up, All the Rage, Wicked Green, Velvet Vixen, Cupids Kiss and How Bizarre create a seasonal palette of soft nudes, luxurious deep berry hues, fiery orange and full gold glitter.

Salon System's Gellux gel polish can be applied to natural nails as well as acrylics and fibreglass nail enhancements, delivering a finish that lasts up to 15 days when cured under UV or LED light.

Salon System

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