Sensai Launch Lash Lengthener

High impact length and separation mascara

At SENSAI, our approach to make-up is one that wakes up your natural beauty. When SENSAI first introduced a mascara that rinses off with water at 38°C twenty years ago, it set a new standard for mascara in terms of function and finish.

The latest addition to our 38°C line, LASH LENGTHENER stretches lashes beyond their natural length. Beautifully lengthened, impeccably shaped and dressed in a glossy intense black, the finish is exquisite from every angle.

Beyond the beautiful form of lashes, LASH LENGTHENER awakens the power of the gaze to reveal the beautiful layers of the individual – elegance, dignity and confidence.



A smooth, intense black mascara that lengthens beyond the lash tips and stays impeccably shaped. With an expert blend of elastic, shape-forming polymers, Smooth Stretching Formula works like liquid, stretching lashes beyond their natural length and coating them with a glossy, intense black finish. The customised brush catches even the shortest of lashes and coats each in a smooth and even layer, separating them for a fanned out look. Rinses away effortlessly with water at 38°C.

£31.00 - SENSAI is available at Harrods (in-store & online) and at

Technology :

This expert blend that delivers a liquid effect, coating each lash to maximise length and glossiness. Comprised of two layers, the first layer of spinnable polymers provides elasticity, stretching each lash beyond its tip, while the second layer of micro-emulsion polymers provides structure to beautifully shape and coat each lash in a glossy, intense black.

A customised brush developed to lengthen, separate and make lashes look exquisite from every angle. Each bristle is triangular in form with three grooves along the sides, acting as reservoirs that deposit a generous amount of formula and coat each lash evenly with every glide. The finely woven bristles catch even the shortest of lashes, stretching them from their root upward and outward to separate them for a beautifully fanned out look.

38°C - The formula that regimagined mascara

In 1997, 38°C entered the market as a completely new take on mascara. It was unlike anything. Its ground-breaking formula delivering smudge-free wear and rinsing off with water at 38°C completely revolutionised women's preconception of a mascara - smudging, clumping, flaking and damaging to the lashes. The emulsified formulation wrapped each lash like a film, then seamlessly detached itself with warm water, transforming into filaments that gently rinse off. For the first time, there was no need for make-up remover or cotton pads. Characterised for its silky finish and feather-light wear, 38°C continues to be a favourite among experts and fans for a reason.

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