Radiofrequency treatment enters the Golden age

Golden APG Radiofrequency (Golden RF)Aesthetic equipment brand APG Tech has launched Golden APG Radiofrequency (Golden RF), which features the exclusive properties of gold in four interchangeable gold-plated applicators to deliver a range of face and body therapies.

The system can also be used alongside Dibi Milano Skincare products for targeted skin treatments. 

Created to deliver skin rejuvenation, tightening and lifting as well as a reduction in the appearance of acne scarring, cellulite and stretch marks, Golden RF features multipolar resistive Radiofrequency (RF). The system also offers a non-invasive customised targeted treatment for deep wrinkles with zero downtime.

Gold is a bio-compatible material with very high transmission performance and is resistant to oxidation. This precious metal has been used to plate the device's applicators, which have a sensor that can detect the temperature of the skin surface before and during the treatment. 

The four applicators include XS Face for extreme precision work on delicate areas, Face to treat the face, neck and décolleté, Body for all areas, and the Matric Advanced Tip which is equipped with 37 emission microelectrodes ideal for areas where skin is thinner. Applicators have two working modes, a Personalised mode with integrated protocols and a Free mode with the option to choose the application, RF emission mode, power and treatment duration.

In the salon, therapists can deliver two facial treatments combining the Golden RF with Dibi Milano Skincare products. The Golden Glow Facial for dull, ageing skin combines RF heat treatment with 24k Gold Leaf, antioxidants, peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. The Golden Eye Filler Treatment, which targets skin laxity around the delicate eye contour, combines Radiofrequency with enzymes, peptides and hydrating plant extracts.

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