R+Co's product workshops to boost retail sales

Professional hair brand R+Co is hosting a series of free virtual product knowledge classes over the coming weeks, designed to enhance stylists' understanding of R+Co and R+Co BLEU's ‘cocktailing' options.

The 90-minute classes, all held online, are divided into two parts focussing on how-to-use R+Co and R+Co BLEU products together for the best results, and provide clients with hair care regimen recommendations which in turn will increase salon retail sales.

R+Co's haircare formulations are colour-safe, heat and UV protective, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free, and designed to deliver immediate, high-performing results while keeping hair and scalp healthy. Products are available from Xpert Professional.

R+Co's product knowledge classes take place as follows:

R+Co Product Knowledge – book here
23rd January     Focus: Cleanse, Conditioning and Specialty
30th January      Focus: Styling and Finishing 
20th March         Focus: Cleanse, Conditioning and Specialty
27th March         Focus: Styling and Finishing

R+Co BLEU Product Knowledge – book here 
13th February     In-depth Product Knowledge 
15th May             In-depth Product Knowledge

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