Lyma develops professional skin rejuvenating laser

Home beauty device Lyma Laser is set to enter the professional sector with the launch of the Lyma Laser Pro for skin rejuvenation.

Developed by WellTech™, the original Lyma Laser launched in 2020 as the first clinic-grade laser cleared for use at home. Although designed to be used by consumers, since its launch, the device has been adopted by professionals in salons and clinics. 

With this in mind, the company has re-engineered its laser technology to create a professional device. 

The Lyma Laser Pro is three times more powerful than the home system, offering a continuous and ultra-diffused 1450mW laser. It has a larger treatment area of  33cm2 (compared to 8.5cm2 on the original model) with deeply bio-stimulating (808nm) laser technology that penetrates to a depth of up to 10cm. This means that skin can be remodelled from the base layer without causing pain or cell damage.

Treatments possible range from facials to neck sagging, scarring, cellulite and combatting ‘bingo wings'.

Commenting on the launch of the Lyma Laser Pro, Lucy Goff, Lyma's Founder, says:

“The launch of Lyma Laser Pro represents a new frontier for in-clinic treatments. It takes our approach of zero pain, zero downtime and transformational results, and increases the near-infrared laser light power to offer more opportunities to focus on the body, and incorporate into facial and neck treatments to give skin an incredible radiance.”