Joico reveal anti-brassy Blue Ash permanent colour

 Joico® Vero K-Pak® Color Blue Ash Permanent Shade SeriesProfessional hair care brand Joico® has launched a new collection of permanent hair colours for creating cool-as-can-be blonde and brunette looks without warmth.

The Joico® Vero K-Pak® Color Blue Ash Permanent Shade Series instantly neutralises brassy tones and counters this with a targeted blue-hued base. The colour is intermixable with Joico® Pure Tone shades for endless colour creation and shade possibilities.
Shades include 6BA light brown blue ash, 7BA dark blonde blue ash, 8BA medium blonde blue ash, and 9BA light blonde blue ash.

The product is formulated with Joico's Quadramine Complex® which helps to reconstruct each hair strand for healthy-looking hair, whilst the Trans-Cuticle Delivery System offers faster, deeper penetration of colour molecules and long-lasting colour results. In addition, Joico's Calibrated Ammonia System reduces scalp irritation and odour.

To use, mix one part Vero K-Pak Color to one part Vero K-PAK Color Veroxide, and process at room temperature for 35 – 45 minutes.

Joico® products are available from Xpert Professional.