Founder buys back Vita Liberata self-tan brand

Irish tan brand Vita Liberata has been bought back by its original founder, Alyson Hogg.

Alyson, from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, launched Vita Liberata in 2003 as the world's first clean and odourless self-tan product. The brand was purchased by Crown Laboratories in 2018, when retail sales were circa £50m.

In this new era for the business, she aims to address the preconceived low expectations that consumers have of some self-tan products. 

Alyson Hogg explains:

“I'm back in business to lead Vita Liberata and transform the self-tan category's reputation. 
“The category is growing thanks to science and innovation, yet its market penetration remains under 10%. I believe a major reason penetration is so low is the ridicule the category is often subjected to, which keeps shoppers away from the self-tan aisle.”

She adds: 

“A self-tan is the only safe way to tan. It is the only alternative to sun exposure and tanning beds, yet because of its reputation, it is often not a consideration for customers looking for a golden glow. I'm here to break that cycle. 

“We did it once; we will do it again, even bigger and better.”

Vita Liberata