Five career opportunities that Teacher Training offers

Are you passionate about your skill? Do you want to pass on the knowledge and skills you've learnt from being an expert in your chosen field to students? If so, then Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School's teacher training course is the course for you! 

The first question we're asked about our Teacher Training Course is asking whether it's just for the beauty industry, and the answer is no! Once you've completed our Teacher Training, you'll be qualified to teach in any Private College or any Further Education Colleges in Ireland. 

So, if you're thinking of a career change, this could be the course that will change your life. 

How will I learn?

Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School is committed to producing well rounded teachers and assessors who are prepared to teach and assess upon graduation. The focus of our courses is on gaining practical teaching experience and we believe that any material produced on the course can be used in teaching practice e.g., in producing lesson plans. 

You will gain confidence through a series of ‘micro-teaching' lessons on your subject area which you will deliver throughout the duration of the course and regular feedback will be given to you by your Teacher and your peers.

This is a remote course, all classes are attended with a live Tutor on Zoom, no travel required - during the pandemic we were delighted to welcome students from South Africa, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand,  anywhere in the world that ITEC is recognised is now our market! Our students now are truly International! 

What are the career prospects? 

#1. Work as a Trainer in a private college
Teach you skills! Great teachers are passionate, and if you're passionate about what you love it will shine through.

This will not only help you on your way to becoming a fantastic educator but will also instill confidence and love for the subject at hand onto your College students.

#2. Work as a Trainer for a brand or distributor
Work for your favourite beauty brand and become a trainer or even a distributor. Be confident in the knowledge you've learnt and be able to work with brands you've been using for years. 

If you're looking for work in the beauty industry, holding a Skincare Aesthetic Qualification will set you worlds apart from anyone else.

Get in touch today, and we'll be able to talk you through the different options for you. 

#3. Teach adult learners 
If you're looking to teach a more mature student base, you have the option of teaching in an Adult Learning Colleges. If you're looking to teach a niche subject, this option is great for you, as a lot of Adult Learning Colleges offer more detail and niche subjects that Private Colleges don't offer. 

#4. Work overseas in educational schools and colleges
Are you itching to travel the world? Travel will reopen soon, and if you're looking to go out and see the world, this option will be ideal for you. Explore the world and teach your passion at the same time; what more could you want? 

This option will offer you so many opportunities, and a steady income unlike other jobs abroad! 

#5. Deliver training to salons and spas
This is for the beauty lovers! If you're a beauty enthusiast, this option is the one for you. Once you have your beauty qualification and do your teacher training, you'll be qualified to travel the length and breadth of the country delivering training to top salons and spas. No two days will be the same. This is perfect if you're a person who prefers variety in their job.

Our Teaching Courses are taught by renowned Educator Annette Gaynor who is highly experienced across a range of teaching areas and contexts. Annette is truly an inspirational and motivational figure who consistently receives outstanding online reviews for her teaching methods and skills.

For details of Teaching Training Courses at Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School visit , email: or telephone 00353 (1) 210 7848

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