Famous Names' new nail care system tackles common concerns

Famous Names has revealed the ACESO™ salon nail care system that targets nail conditions such as Athlete's Foot, Fungus, Bacteria, Hyperkeratosis and Onycholysis, promoting healthier and stronger natural nails.

Named after the Greek goddess of the healing process, ACESO™ penetrates through the nail plate onto the nail bed and surrounding soft tissue to deliver targeted support. 

The system comprises Kick Start Soak to prepare the nails and Debrider to remove dead tissue from between the nail plate and nail bed.  

This is followed by an application of Step 1 formulated with natural bio-actives to treat the nail condition. An application of Step 2 then creates a dermal film which enables these actives to penetrate into the soft tissue.

Clients can enhance the results of the ACESO™ system at home by incorporating Famous Names' IBX product once the nail plate is mostly attached and the underlying nail condition is resolving. They can achieve even stronger nails with a daily application of Dadi'Oil.

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