Dyson reveal next generation professional hair dryer

Dyson has revealed its highlight anticipated new tool, the Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hair dryer.

The brand has reengineered the original Dyson Supersonic™ professional hair dryer to create a tool that is 30% smaller, 20% lighter and more manoeuvrable to deliver fast drying and smoother, frizz-free, shinier results.

The dryer's ergonomic  ‘r' curve design enables comfortable reach and constant use with prevention of common repetitive strain related injuries in mind. 

Key to its efficiency is its streamlined heater, the Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor and intelligent Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors in each attachment which communicate with the hair dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature. For example, the rough dry mode minimises drying time using maximum power heat with controlled airflow whilst the diffuser is set to low and flow to reduce frizz and enhance curls without disrupting the curl pattern.

It features three precise airflow settings and four heat modes, including constant cold shot, with ergonomically placed controls within a thumb's reach and LED indicators on the handle. It also has a clever filter engineered to capture pollutants such as hair sprays and airborne styling products. 

Gavin Galligan, Senior Design and Development Manager at Dyson Beauty, comments:

“The Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hair dryer builds on the technology and knowledge we have developed, offering fast drying and styling benefits for all hair types with no heat damage. Our new streamlined heater technology developed for this machine is a world-first, combined with our high-speed motors enable the lightweight form factor, and fast precise airflow.”

The Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hair dryer is available from 15th May.