Dibi Milano reveal collagen preserving home treatment

Dibi Milano is launching Collage Lab, a new at-home intensive facial treatment that aids in preserving  and stimulating production of collagen Types 1 and 3.

The two-stage Collage Lab formulation features Bio-fermented Collagen, a patented active ingredient obtained by yeast fermentation. It has a molecular weight of 55 kDA enabling it to penetrate deeper into the skin than other forms of collagen and stimulate Type 3 collagen.

Other active ingredients include Oligopeptide 1, an Australian plant-based ingredient that stimulates collagen and elastin and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and plump the skin.

Firstly, clients apply Formula One in the morning and evening every day to stimulate new collagen and deeply hydrate the skin. Once this bottle of product is finished, they then use Formula Two twice a day for 15-days to stimulate this new collagen to revitalise the extra-cellular matrix. 

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