CACI supercharge microcurrent with new electrolyte solution

Advanced skincare experts CACI have launched a professional-only Super Charge Energiser to improve microcurrent conductivity and enhance microcurrent results to promote collagen production, reduce inflammation and shield skin against external aggressors.

These sachets of dissolvable powder features highly concentrated electrolytes (minerals) Potassium Chlorate and Calcium Lactate that replenish essential minerals in the skin. This combination of electrolytes absorbs water and plays a critical role in keeping the body's cells hydrated, whilst Sodium Citrate balances pH levels for optimal skin health and vitality. 

In addition, Vitamin C, Marine Collagen and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) help to smooth, hydrate and brighten the skin.

To use in your CACI treatments, dissolve one sachet in water and dip your Conductivity Boosters for a few seconds before using in your treatment as usual. Re-dip these into the solution regularly throughout the treatment, approximately every two to three moves. When using Electro Gloves, dip the fingertips of the gloves in the solution and use as usual. Discard any ‘charged' water after use.