Expert Advice: Beating stress-induced breakouts & 'Maskne'

Skincare expert Kathy Wilcox shares her secrets for treating breakouts caused by the stressful time we’re living in. 

Kathy Wilcox DMK Chleo EnterprisesDuring lockdown we've seen a huge increase in skin issues. The added stress of lockdowns and a general lack of everyday routine has had a negative effect on our skin. Acne has been one of the main culprits! Even if you don't normally get spots or blemishes, you may have found, in the last year you've had random breakouts popping up overnight. 

So, what can we do? 

Unfortunately, skin health is closely linked to mental health, poor diet and underlying health disorders. The skin is a complicated organ, it needs a lot of tender love and care. 

We have all had our fair share of added stress this year and unfortunately stress and acne are not a good mix. The onset of breakouts and acne can cause stress in itself, so add more stress or anxiety to the mix and the acne can become worse. There are lots of ways to try and minimise stress; taking the right supplements can help lower stress levels, add in good quality skincare and you're on the right road to treating your acne and breakouts. 

If wearing a mask on a daily basis, you may have noticed your skin becoming irritated, dry, and more blemish prone, due to a build-up of moisture and heat underneath the mask, the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria.
Supplementing to beat stress

With so many supplements on the market choosing the right one is important. Essential Fatty Acid supplements that contain Sea buckthorn Oil, Evening Primrose and Vitamin E are a fantastic place to start. The rich Omegas contained naturally in these ingredients are essential for an overall healthy skin and body. 
Vitamin Bs are also something you should consider adding into your daily supplement routine. They are natural mood boosters! There are eight essential Vitamin Bs that each play their own role in helping your body run smoothly but together they are important for your nervous system, cell metabolism, converting food into energy and even making red blood cells. 

Nourish the body & promote healthy skin

Eating a healthy diet is obviously going to work wonders for your skin, that and plenty of water. Making even the smallest changes in your diet can make a big difference to your skin. Eating more fruit and veg is an easy way to nourish your body and promote healthy skin. Cutting out processed foods and drinks high in sugar is the best thing if you are suffering with acne.

Changing to wholegrain carbohydrates and adding in foods rich in Omega 3 are also important for healthy skin function. 

Tackling maskne  

If wearing a mask on a daily basis you may have noticed your skin becoming irritated, dry, and more blemish prone. This is due to a build-up of moisture and heat underneath the mask, which is the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria. Friction from a mask all day can also contribute to breakouts. Using gentle non-drying cleansers morning and night will calm and soothe inflammation and breakouts. 

Products to boost hydration levels, such as a serum and hydrating creams will create a protective barrier on the skin and keep hydration locked in and nasty bacteria under control. Over-treating the skin with active ingredients such as AHAs and Retinols can cause more harm than good! Pair back your actives and keep it simple. 

Kathy Wilcox is National Trainer for DMK skincare, available from Chleo Enterprises