Powder ‘n’ Pout
Stand J38

Hi, my name is Aisling Cunningham. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been passionate about make up. I did study for an Accounting degree but my love of make up brought me back to the cosmetics industry. Today, I’m a professional make up artist and I get to work with make up every day in my own salon. Once I pick up a make up brush I feel I can do anything and transform anyone into what they want to be. I tell my clients, there’s no big secret to good make up application. However, you do need good make up tools. Over the years, I’ve trained with some of the best brands in Ireland and in the U.K. using a variety of make up brushes. Superior quality, make up brushes help you create, effortless, amazing looks. My affordable, Powder n Pout make up brushes will let you define your look, whatever it is, whatever the occasion. I know you love make up as much as much as I do, so why not choose one of my brushes and release your creativity!! Join us on Social Discover your look and how to use our brushes on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram name is powdernpout.

Unit 2 Station Road,
Bright street

Phone: 353 861259893

Website: www.powdernpout.com