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Ciara Daly Makeup started a makeup academy delivering high impact workshops and training within a trend setting environment where creativity is encouraged and nurtured. The studio is distinctive, inspired and a testament to the success of the founding makeup academy and Ciara’s esteemed position within the Irish makeup artist industry. Her courses are designed to ensure that no matter what your level of expertise, they are informative, challenging and fresh. The academy is so progressive and respected it has affiliations with Airbase Airbrushing makeup as well as numerous top photographic studios. The company branched out to retail high quality professional and most importantly affordable makeup brushes as Ciara and her team found it very difficult to teach students how to achieve professional results without the right tools – yet it was unrealistic to expect students who were just starting out in their careers as professional makeup artists to buy brushes which cost upwards of £20 for each brush. Feedback also showed that the marketplace has been crying out for high quality professional makeup brushes, however most customers were overwhelmed and confused with the choices of brushes out there. So we have made things easier to understand with our range of Complete Control brushes. The most well-known of which is the ‘My Hero’ Foundation Brush. This is the revolutionary new professional brush taking the industry by storm. It boasts precision cut synthetic hair, gives a flawless finish with liquid and powder foundations and the densely packed super soft brush not only saves time but saves on the amount of product used. Already seen in magazine publications, beauty blogs and YouTube videos, this brush is set to be the must have product of the year for any makeup wearer Also included in the Complete Control range: ‘Phoenix Collection’ – Eyes for any occasion… Perfect for creating the smokey eye look. ‘Goddess Collection’ – Great cheeks every time … Perfect for creating the sculpted look of celebrities by contouring and highlighting. ‘Desire Duo Collection’ – For full lip control … Perfect your pout with round lip brush and flat concealer brush. ‘Diva Brow Collection’ – Create great eyebrows … Shape your brows however you like from straight to Hombre Brows.

Ciara Daly Makeup Studio
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Ciara Daly