Wicklow Street Clinic introduces UV hygiene system

Wicklow Street ClinicThe Wicklow Street Clinic is ensuring client and staff safety by using new Irish UV cleaning company UVSAN.ie in tandem with a new cleaning verification system, VERI-SAN.

The clinic has installed UVSCAN UV-C machines as they are compact enough to move from room to room and have 360-degree light dispersal, ensuring that anything a therapist may have missed while cleaning is fully sanitised using UV light.

To ensure that the clinic's hygiene regime is maintained, the team are using a digital sanitisation schedule from VERI-SAN which not only verifies the procedure of cleaning the room via digital signing, but also stores the data safely in the cloud for the customer and business owner's peace of mind. 

Rasa Levinaite, MD of The Wicklow Street Clinic, explains:

“We looked at lots of different ideas to help restore client confidence in the clinic, including handheld UV sterilisers, but they seemed impractical as you need to hold the light there for 15 to 20 minutes, the UVSAN system is a lot more workable for us as a clinic. We can rotate treatment rooms and leave it to work sterilising the room before the next client arrives. 

“The VERI-SAN system is much more practical and hygienic for our staff than using paper, as it's all documented and signed digitally on a phone or tablet. Plus it ensures that we can 100% prove to the client that the room was cleaned to the highest standards.”

Rasa adds:

“We're adopting full PPE gear for each treatment: a visor, mask and apron, along with stringent handwashing and sanitising. To ensure our customer's confidence, we're really excited to be using UVSAN's pioneering system that should kill all viruses and bacteria in the air as well as on surfaces.”