Waverley launch Business & Wellbeing depts

The Waverley Academy has launched two new departments, in Business Development and Health & Wellbeing.

The new business skills department will focus on the additional career and business skills needed to succeed and achieve in the hair, beauty and spa world.  It will also help existing business owners (salons and freelance) develop and grow their businesses. 

Veronica O Kelly, Principal at The Waverley Academy, explains: 

“There are a multitude of opportunities for hair, beauty and spa professionals with additional business skills. Career and business growth can be fast tracked by those who are willing to acquire such skills in the areas of management, sales, customer service, starting a business, supervision and leadership. We will be also offering coaching and mentoring workshops enabling existing business owners to grow their business by unlocking their potential.”

The Waverley Academy's Health & Wellbeing Department is hosting three new workshops from this month: Mindfulness, Stress Management and Selfcare & Wellbeing. To support the new department, the Academy has also released a new wellbeing book, entitled A Quick Start Guide to Self Care & Wellbeing.  

The book is the culmination of two years' research in the areas of wellbeing, performance and selfcare, by author and education manager Derek O Kelly. He says:

“Self care and wellbeing is the key to long lasting and successful careers in the beauty and spa industries. If you look after yourself, everything else will fall into place. All the evidence says those with high levels of wellbeing are more likely to be successful and happy, in careers, business and work. We hope that this book will help people achieve that.”