Treat problem skin with home-use acid control

Dr Irena Eris has introduced Acids Control skincare for use at home.
Dr Irena Eris Acids Control Featuring optimal concentrations of Amber acid to reduce wrinkle depth, Shikimic acid and Lactobionic acid to gently exfoliate, the line is suitable for skin showing signs of photo-ageing, uneven colour tone and imperfections. 

Included in the collection is Multi-Active Correction Emulsion Day Care SPF 20, which regulates sebum secretion and unblocks pores, as well as reducing the visibility of imperfections and evening out skin tone. 
Dr Irena Eris Acids Control In addition, Acids Control 2% Complex Normalizing Cream for use at night, improves skin firmness and elasticity, leaving skin looking fresh and glowing. As well as AHAs, the cream features skin nutrient Atlantic alga Red Seaweed, and vitamin rich Hemp oil.