Meet the Irish Beauty Team

Job Role

Tracey deals with all the administration for the show from raising the initial stand contracts to dealing with all the finances. She also helps out with all operations for the show.

Interesting Facts about Tracey

What is your favourite beauty treatment:

I love having my nails done

Which famous celebrity do people say you most look like:

Argh, I'm not really sure I used to get told I looked like Gillian Anderson although I don't see it myself

How best would you describe your personality as a cocktail and explain why:

Cheeky Vimto - Because like the drink I can be sweet, fizzy and cheeky

What is your best feature:

Trustworthy and loyal

When you have 30minutes of free- time, how do you pass the time:

With a nice relaxing walk with my dog Fidget.

Contact Information



Tel: 0044 1789 773712 (Direct)