Top 5 Valentine's beauty buys revealed

If you're planning your retail shelves ahead of Valentine's Day, new research has shown what the most popular beauty buys could be.

Skin Academy surveyed 10,000 people, revealing the top five beauty must-haves for the most romantic day of the year.

Holly Wagman from Skin Academy explains: 

“When it comes to beauty and skin care routines, women know what they want and what works for their skin but their partners could be none the wiser when it comes to Valentine's gifts that don't break the bank!”

Topping the poll with 86% were hydrating sheet masks, which have seen an increase in use with the introduction of ranges that allow you to add as much or as little of the serum as needed for different skin types.

Exfoliating Foot Socks came a close second, with 77% female respondents voted them their preferred Valentine's gift.

In third place with 74% of votes were collagen-based Gel Eye Patches whilst 69% opted for Anti-Pollution Mud Masks. In fifth place, with 54%, were moisturising Hand Gloves, which saw a rise in popularity recently thanks to the introduction of more active ingredients such as collagen and vitamin C.

Commenting on the results, Skin Academy's Holly Wagman says: 

“The top three results in the poll didn't come as a surprise to me, as they have all been staple skincare products and recommended part of a good skin care routine for years now.  It was nice to see Hand Gloves reach the top five, as looking after our hands should be considered a priority, however they are sadly the most neglected part of the body.”