Summer Skin Protection

Clients are geared up to talk about SPF in the summer, so why not take this opportunity to showcase the importance of always using a daily moisturiser that combines excellent skincare with a decent SPF? Here are a few of our favourite year-round facial products with an SPF of at least 15...

MONU Hydrating Moisturiser is the perfect daytime 
option for basic sun protection all year round. This 
lightweight moisturising lotion helps hydrate the skin 
and balance the complexion whilst protecting it from 
the sun an SPF of 15. It contains an innovative blend 
of Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin A and Zinc Oxide 
Hydrating Moisturiser SPF15 to restore firmness 
and plumpness to the skin whilst smoothing the 
complexion and protecting from UV rays. 
Salon Shop: 021 242 8033

Crème Protectrice SPF30 from French organic 
brand PHYT'S provides high protection from 
both UVA and UVB rays. Its fluid texture ensures 
a smooth application that leaves no white marks 
and perfectly prepares the skin for the day 
ahead. The product is also rich in Vitamin E, 
which gives it an anti-ageing effect.
Virginie Claire: 01 452 6973

Dr Irena Eris BB Formula SPF 50+ Complex Peptide 
Cream combines the features of a skincare cream 
and a delicate foundation. A carefully selected 
composition of pigments evens out the skin tone 
and covers imperfections and fine lines, while special 
system of modern UVA and UVB filters (SPF 50+) 
provides optimum protection against photo ageing. 
Skincare PRO: 01 555 1878

Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Recovery 
SPF50 is a medium-weight daily 
moisturiser with a broad spectrum 
SPF50. Antioxidant White Tea, rich 
in polyphenols, inhibits lipid peroxide 
formation and helps neutralise free 
radicals (ROS), Advanced Glycation 
End-Products (AGEs) and Matrix 
Metalloproteinases (MMPs). 

Juliette Armand's Sunfilm Face Gel SPF30 is a 
soothing sun gel in the colour of the skin with a 
delicate non-oily feel and antioxidant action to 
prevent cell damage and strengthen the skin's 
natural regeneration.
Juliette Armand: 01 490 5525

Environ combines anti-ageing and sunburn 
protective elements in its RAD SPF15. 
Packaged in a hand luggage-friendly 100ml 
tube, the nourishing formula provides vitaminenhanced protection that results in a fresh 
glow. RAD also helps to prevent sunburn and to 
soothe and hydrate sunburnt skin because the 
vitamins cannot be removed by water and may 
be effective for many days after absorption. 
Iiaa: +44 (0) 208 450 2020

Perfect for year-round daily care, 
IMAGE Skincare's mineral-based 
Prevention+ SPF30 moisturiser 
contains a unique form of zinc 
oxide that absorbs quickly into the 
skin, delivering broad-spectrum 
UVA/UVB protection, lasting 
hydration and antioxidant defense 
without a white cast or residue. 
Renaissance Skincare: 01 832 1412

Hydra Finish from Guinot is a complexionenhancing moisturiser that provides long-lasting 
hydration to the skin every day, while its SPF15 
offers the skin daily care from the damages of 
the sun and light. Guinot also offers stronger 
sun protection for more sensitive areas and 
prolonged sun exposure.
Guinot: Lo Call 0818 719 303

Ericson Laboratoire Derma Sun Skin Care Cream SPF50 
offers high protection for sensitive areas. Enriched with 
allantoin and aloe vera, it regenerates the epidermis and 
gives an instantly soothing sensation. This cream selfactivates during exposure so as to fight as effectively as 
possible against freeradicals and cellular oxidation, which 
are responsible for photo-ageing. 
Hennessy Hair & Beauty: 021 434 3436

Matis City Protect 50 combines a skin-loving formula that 
melts into the skin with great UVA and UVB protection 
of SPF50. The anti-ageing formula helps protect against 
free radicals and preserve the youth capital of the skin. 
Perfect for daily use all through the year.
Star Products International: 01 480 5055