Steps to successful salon tanning

Do your research
There are so many brands available now that it can be dazzling to choose the right one for you. Begin by thoroughly doing your research. Who is your client and what is their price point? What is being offered by your rivals, in terms of treatments and brands? A “boutique brand” like Crazy Angel (available from a range of wholesalers including Flair and Capital Hair & Beauty) or Vani-T (available from Salon Shop) can offer something different in your particular area. Or go for a brand that offers a custom result, such as Lyco-Bronze Rapid Spray Tan from Lycon (tel 01 293 9002), which offers a sunkissed result in just one hour, and up to a deep bronze in four hours

Buy Irish
An Irish brand is always a winner for clients, as many genuinely want to support Irish brands and believe in their effectiveness and suitability for Irish skins – and anyone who remembers the pain of the orange one-shade-suits-all tanning products of yesteryear will testify that finding a product suitable for our skintone is vital. He-Shi is an award-winning unisex tanning brand that was born out of a need for a product that was foolproof, good for the skin and delivered a great colour on all skintone, including our pale Celtic skins. It now offers a full professional range, along with a comprehensive and innovative retail range. Available from 4Beauty Group ( and various wholesalers including Hennessy Hair & Beauty (

Look at retail
Most brands now offer a full range of retail products that can complement the professional treatment. Look for brands with innovative products that are marketed well and offering something different. For instance, Bellamianta (available from The Beauty School, has launched its new Crystal Clear Rapid Self Tanning Mousse, a clear hydrating product that will dry in 60 seconds and develop a beautiful golden olive tone over two to six hours-plus. The resulting tan is water resistant and lasts up to seven days with no transfer onto clothes. St Tropez may be a traditional name in tan, but it hasn't eased off on the innovation, with a number of great products available. We love the St Tropez Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask, a hydrating mask that can be left on the face for 5-15 minutes, depending on the tan result required. Available from Hennessy Hair & Beauty (

Look for starter kits
Once you have established what brand you would like, price up what you need to get started. If you're offering a mobile service, many brands and wholesalers offer starter packs that could be a great way to get what you need to begin tanning straight away. For instance, Salon Shop ( offers a Tanworx by MONU Skincare starter pack suitable for both salons and mobile therapists, which includes a spray tanning cubicle, Spray Tan Dynatec Black 610 gun; barrier cream; light, medium & dark tanning solution; accessories like Sticky Feet, hair caps and g-strings; and promotional material.

Consider high-profile brands
It can be a struggle for a small beauty business to market all their treatments and brands – so consider holding a brand that invests a lot in its own marketing. For instance, Bellamianta (available from The Beauty School teamed up with the successful 2018 series of Dancing With The Stars, and subsequently became one of the most highly sought after tanning brands in the country. Similarly, Norvell teamed up with Strictly Come Dancing in the UK, for the same effect. And, TanOrganic ( teamed up with former Miss World Rosanna Davison for a high-profile marketing campaign, making the brand synonymous with skin health and organic beauty.