Social media boosts success of Harley Wax NI distributor

Zoey Horner of Zolero in Derry harley waxZoey Horner of Zolero in Derry has increased her use of social media to share waxing tips and tricks with clients. 

Zoey is Northern Ireland distributor for Harley Wax, and has used social media to not only connect with her salon clients but also other waxing salons and distributors who work with the Harley brand across the globe.  

“The best way to grow any service-based business is through word of mouth amongst clients and therapists. This is exactly how we've grown our Zolero business in Northern Ireland,” says Zoey. “We are always striving to keep our quality of both training, products and customer service at the top. Recently we've increased our presence on social media to help grow brand awareness. We also share some of our waxing tips and tricks through videos! It's lovely to connect here with other therapists using our wax and read of their love for the products too.”

She continues:

“Harley Wax has brought repeat custom because it allows clients to have waxing treatments with minimal discomfort. It massively reduces common hair removal complications such as ingrown hairs.

“My clients love the fact that it is a lot less painful than other waxing treatments. That's because the wax shrink-wraps itself around the hair, pulling the hair right from the root instead of breaking the hair off. This is why the results last so much longer. I always share videos of this on my Instagram story, because it's so satisfying knowing you've got every last hair out!”

Zoey first introduced Harley Wax to her salon because her clients asked for the product. “I chose Harley solely because of the demand for the products from my clients. They loved it and still do - my rebook rate for waxing procedures has increased by over 90%! A huge bonus for a therapist is that it's a pleasure to work with,” Zoey explains.

“In the beginning, I used to think “wax is wax”. When I used Harley Wax, though, my whole outlook on wax changed. I then chose Harley Waxing as a distributor because of my personal experience as a salon owner. Thanks to my 12 years as a therapist, I can see the superiority of the products versus any other brand on the market! It's amazing to work with and the products sell themselves.

“If I had one recommendation for other distributors, it would be to provide good knowledge of the products and advanced waxing training. This is what Harley Waxing does best! It's phenomenal at intimate waxing. So that's what they should advertise! Our therapists that are advanced wax trained are so busy in their salons. I'm a strong believer that knowledge is power!”