Meet the Irish Beauty Team

Job Role

Within his student ambassador role, Scott travels across Ireland visiting colleges and schools to meet beauty and hairdressing tutors and students to explain the benefits of student insurance and provide practical advice for them to take forward in their careers.

Interesting Facts about Scott

What is your favourite beauty treatment:

Indian Head Massage 

Which famous celebrity do people say you most look like:

Anne Ramsey from "Throw Momma off the Train" or any of the Wombles.  

How best would you describe your personality as a cocktail and explain why:

'White Russian' because my mum's side of the family are from there.  

What is your best feature:

One ear's flat against my head and the other sticks out so i can turn corners when it's windy without trying.

When you have 30minutes of free- time, how do you pass the time: 

Work on my six pack 

Contact Information


Tel: 01332 226 572

Mobile: 07481 104 701