Rica reveal Black Wax with Charcoal & Hemp oil

Rica Black Liposoluble WaxWaxing specialists Rica have introduced their Black Wax range of hair removal products.

Rica Black Wax features vegetable Charcoal and biological Hemp oil, and is ideal for hair removal on all skin types. Charcoal acts as a purifier and detoxifer on the skin, absorbing toxins and impurities, whilst nutrient-rich Hemp oil is soothing and anti-inflammatory.
Rica Black WaxFormulated without known skin irritant Colophony, Rica Black Wax is available in a Lipsoluable Wax for hair removal on large areas of the body, and in Brazilian Wax Discs for stripless hair removal on sensitive, delicate body areas.
Rica Hemp Oil After Wax EmulsionRica have also launched Hemp Oil After Wax Emulsion, to moisturise skin and restore its hydrolipid skin layer after waxing.

Rica Wax is available from Hennessy Hair & Beauty.