RefectoCil launch Browista Toolkit & Palette

Salon System have launched the RefectoCil Browista Toolkit and Browista Palette, offering lash and brow technicians a four-in-one expert kit.

The kit includes a spoolie with wide brush, a spoolie with small brush, and two application dishes. 

The RefectoCil spoolie is used for brushing through brows and lashes before, between or after application, whilst the wider brush is ideal for covering the lashes with tint and the smaller brush is for precise work on brows.

Refectocil Browista PaletteSuitable for right and left handers, the new RefectoCil Browista Palette fits on the back of the hand, and features two sections for eyelash and eyebrow tint that can be mixed simultaneously. The integrated marking on the palette guarantees the ideal mixing ratio, and is also practical, easy to clean and chemical resistant.

Commenting on the launch of the new RefectoCil Browista Toolkit and Palette, Lisa Stone, Salon System Educator and Lash & Brow Expert, says: 

“The genius design of the RefectoCil Browista Palette allows you to mix both lash and brow tint at the same time for quick and easy application. It fits perfectly to the back of my hand, leaving my hands free to be creative. With integrated markings you can ensure the perfect tint ratio is mixed every time. I also love the smaller version which fits onto the finger which is both reusable and easy to clean. 

“I love the brushes included in the RefectoCil Browista Toolkit perfect for application, a wide and small brush allows me to create the perfect shape and apply tint thoroughly with precision and perfection, a fabulous handy little spoolie on the end for brushing brows and lashes perfectly into shape. Everything is to hand allowing me to work easily and quickly.”